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    Automotive advertising, translation: “Let’s throw something against the wall and see if it sticks!” Not in this economy! If you’re spending your hard earned dollars to help generate traffic, better make sure it not only sticks to the wall, but that it knocks the wall down and it falls directly into a heavily trafficked mall and that it’s still clinging to said wall for every patron, store manager, firefighter, EMS person, damage inspector and personal injury attorney who just might read it. A long way around to make my point, I know, but I think you may get it.

    The Fields Group is a full service automotive ad agency with over 57 years combined experience. We keep our creative approach topical, aggressive, clever and persistent, ensuring top of mind awareness for our clients, every day.

    Our media placements are researched, reviewed, dissected and refreshed for maximum outreach into your market region. Your advertising dollar is the greatest tool you have in creating traffic, so we never waist a penny of it. The Fields Group guarantees the utmost penetration, and targeted messages, to your specific demographics and perspective clientele.

    When we say full service, we mean just that, from creative concepts, to television, to radio, to internet, to print, to direct mail and billboard. But it means more than that. It also means that someone on our staff is always available, when our clients have a pressing need or an inspirational spark; we’re available to get things rolling. We focus on the long haul delivering consistent messaging from day to day, from month to month, from year to year with campaigns that generate traffic, re-enforce brand identity, and maximize our clients ROI. We’re the Fields Group and we’re ready to go to work for you.
  • Our Services


    Our creative initiates interest motivates action and instills awareness. Using market research, we craft our clients messages into finely honed arrows that pierce media congestion and strike the targeted consumers.


    Knowing the medium to use is at times more important than the message itself. Our media planners are media experts. They use the most up to date information to position our clients campaigns in the right place, at the right time and for the right cost.


    We deliver high end production value at a low cost, so more of the ad budget goes to where it should - broadcasting the message. Whether it's a TV spot, radio commercial, print ad or digital banner, we do it.


    Our direct mail campaigns succeed because they are authentic. Real values expressed in a believable message to valid consumers. We refine the list, hone the mailer and send it out at a great low cost.


    At the Fields Group, we understand the promise this form of interactive soft marketing presents. It is the ultimate testimonial vehicle and when cultivated delivers awareness, loyalty and traffic.


    We understand the importance of coop applicability, so we stay up to date with all manufactures' guidelines, seek pre-approval when offered, and review all invoices, affidavits and scripts for guideline discrepancies. Our goal is to make our clients' reimbursements a guarantee.

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